WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels.

We are aweigh just now, boating amongst the Canadian Gulf Islands in beautiful British Columbia. Just to be clear, we do not own this boat. 


We have been gifted the almost unconditional use of her, and I am beginning to think that this arrangement surpasses boat ownership in most ways. 

We began the journey yesterday in Sidney, a small waterside community on Vancouver Island. We are so fortunate to live in Anacortes, Washington, a major hub for the state ferry system. We were able to take an early ferry directly to Sidney, where the MV Glenroy resides safely in her sleek little boathouse. 


It took us about two hours to cruise from Sidney to Salt Spring Island.  The boat and this beautiful waterfront vacation home are a package. We love this house so we dock here but live on the boat. I am content to simply wander; inside and out. 




I'm sure the photos do not do justice to the quality, simplicity, and livability of this breathtaking home. 
But I hope my photos captured the serenity here. 

You may recall that last year I wrote about this enchanted cottage-the estate's original dwelling place. The cottage still has my heart. 



I have photographed this dreamy little space from every possible angle. From outside peeking in~


And from inside gazing out~


Obviously the cottage needs some scrubbing-up, but I love her any way and always.  


The gate to the cottage path. 

On the front porch. 


A vintage crab pot.


I love this little bell setting by the gate. My guess is it was hanging on a post for many years, serving as a doorbell. Legend has it that the original owners lived in the cottage for several years while the main house was being built; pioneers of  tiny house living.  

I hope you enjoyed Day 1 of our adventure! Our plan is to make our way Telegraph Harbor. I hope you'll cruise along. 

Time for tea~



As a post script: This is the first time I've attempted a blog post with this new app on the iPad. Please excuse any irregularities. 


  1. What a special place! I love Salt Spring and Sidney. A favourite Saturday outing is the market on Salt Spring and in the fall, the weekend of the Apple Festival. Enjoy your cruise up to Telegraph Cove!

  2. Dana,
    Oh, yes, the serenity translated! Bon voyage!

    Until the next postcard,