WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels.

Cruising The Canadian Gulf Islands Day 2. 


Although yesterday was a great day, because that's the only kind of days we have on the water, we weren't able to stick to our loosely constructed itinerary. We had intended to overnight at Telegraph Harbor, but metaphorically speaking, the harbor was a shopping mall parking lot at Christmas. There were no mooring buoys available, no dock space, and despite our best efforts we had no success securing the anchor to the sea floor. So we opted for Plan B, and simply made way for Montague Harbor on Galiano Island. 

We arrived late afternoon and dropped anchor without mishap. One of my favorite activities on boating excursions is to lower the dinghy and putter around taking photographs. So that's what we did. Later we fixed dinner together, relaxed into the evening, and enjoyed the beautiful sunset. 

Because our day was without unique activity, I have only a few pictures to share today. I hope you enjoy them. 


There are lots of sailboats in Montague. Many of them are older and are seemingly abandoned to the deteriorating effects of weather. 


A whimsically charming boathouse. 


A cluster of adorable cabins. 


A Pacific Northwest supermodel. 


A sentry. 

Breathtaking sunset. Bonne nuit!

We are currently en route to Ganges. Ganges is the largest town on Salt Spring Island. It is a favorite of many, many boaters and we too love mooring here. I am excited to visit one of my favorite coffee houses and a first rate cottage interiors shop just down the road. In addition I am attending my first class today (online) in social media marketing. It's amazing to me that the boat is equipped with WIFI and the signal is strong wherever we go. 

Thanks for following along!



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