WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels

Cruising The Canadian Gulf Islands Day 4.

We've encountered a roadblock of sorts.  


Hello friends. In a manner of speaking, we have run slightly aground. Larry has developed a particularly intense upper respiratory infection. He is really lying low, spending most of his time asleep in the salon. I feel really bad for him. But I guess if one has to be sick on vacation, resting aboard a boat in the Gulf Islands is among the better places to be.

He did rally enough at midday to accompany me into to town via dinghy. As a testimony to how lousy he feels, he asked me, well actually told me to drive. This was a first. 


Don't let my smile fool you!

I might look composed, but really I am not a good dinghy driver. I had a difficult time steering the outboard engine because directionally it was very counterintuitive. Upon pushing off from Glenroy's Stern, I sideswiped a catamaran. Seriously! It's a very good thing the dinghy is an inflatable and not hard sided, right? Though no harm was done to either boat, my husband was not happy! After all, he's not feeling good. His reaction was very uncharacteristicly testy, and my erratic driving caused him to snap just a bit. I get it, truly. I was like a 15 year old with a learner's permit, driving for the first time. 

Larry never ever stays grouchy for long, so the rest of the outing was so lovely. We ate a nice picnic lunch on a park bench and strolled around town again. We stopped for iced coffee at Talia, my favorite cafe. We found courtyard seating under a pergola and Larry checked email while I browsed House Boat, the coastal home interiors shop nearby. I snagged a set of 4 beautiful white cotton napkins as a souvenir. I say, "snagged" because the price was good to begin with and the exchange rate is quite favorable. And to top it off we shared a shortbread cookie slathered with apricot jam. Delightful!

Here are a few things that captured my focus today~


I love this use of green on green in Talia's courtyard. The rosemary is thriving even in the filtered light. 


We bought a cute grocery tote at Thrifty. 


We happened upon this car, which reminded me of a vintage Ford Galaxy. It's called a Meteor Rideau  Meteor was a Canadian subsidiary of Ford, and the Rideau, produced from 1954-1961, was named after a river in Ontario.


Pretty darn cool! Remember huge steering wheels and the thin metal horn?


I've mentioned before that I like to take pictures with high textural appeal. This mass planting of ornamental grass looks appropriately beachy; even though it's struggling in the absence of rain. 


And lastly, I couldn't resist pictures of our neighboring boat. It's a very old Chris Craft seemingly abandoned. 


We were moored next to her last year as well. It would appear she hasn't been touched in years, and sadly I think she has deteriorated beyond any hope of restoration. 

If Larry feels better tomorrow (he'd better, it's his birthday) we're heading for Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. Cow Bay, as it is called by locals, is a charming little village about 35 miles north of Victoria. This will be about a 20 nautical mile journey for us, or approximately 4 hours because we cruise at a low speed. 

Thankfully we have sunny skies and breathtaking sunsets to enjoy whether we sail on or stay put. 


I'm so grateful for each year Larry and I celebrate together. 

Until next time~



  1. So sorry Larry isn't feeling well! Please wish him a Happy Birthday from me!

  2. So sorry Larry isn't feeling well! Please wish him a Happy Birthday from me!

  3. So sorry Larry is ill. Hope he is feeling much better now! Your trip photos are gorgeous. I adore the abandoned Chris Craft; I know it was stunning in it's day; perhaps, someone will bring it back to its glory days! You're too funny- sideswiping a Catamaran, big whoops! Those small motors really can be hard to steer. Happy Birthday to Larry!