WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels.

Cruising The Canadian Gulf Islands~ Trip Wrap-Up.

We spent the last night of our nearly blissful journey in the seaside village of Cowichan Bay on Vancouver Island. The weather was pristine, the water shimmering blue under the sunny skies. Our Cowichan visit should have been postcard perfect, but I got hugely photo bombed by Larry's virus!

I'm home now, flaked out on the bed, unmotivated to slip back into our routine. Summer colds are the worst. 

I am always cheered by trip photos however, and while thumbing through decided to share the last of them with you. 


We passed this line fisherman someplace between Ganges and Cowichan Bay. I was taken by how content he seemed in his aloneness. (Admittedly, the black and white filter emphasizes the solitude). After I captured several images, I began to wonder if anyone has ever taken my picture without my knowledge. Have you ever wondered that about yourself?

The small village of Cowichan is built along the water front. Obviously maritime activity and tourism are the main components of the town's economy. There are multiple marinas, boatyards, and yacht dealers. In addition to moorage there is lodging of all sorts; hotel, motel, B and B, and vacation rentals. For more information on Cowichan Bay tourism, visit Tourism Cowichan

There are also nice restaurants and boutiques; many of which are seaside-themed. My favorite destination is True Grain Bread. True Grain is an ancient grain bakery which sells unbelievable baked goods made exclusively from organic, unhybridized grains. 

True Grain Bread is on my top 10 list of favorite breakfast stops in the world. 

I'm quickly losing steam so I'm leaving you now with an additional sampling of photos that hopefully capture the color of the Cowichan Bay. 



Vintage Boats



Floating Homes


Waterfront Cottages



And lots and lots of flowers!

Saying goodbye to Canada is always sad. Though we are only a 2 hour ferry ride away from Vancouver Island, and even closer to the mainland BC, our visits are so few and far between. We love our Canadian neighbors and the gracious hospitality they extend. 


But real life, full of project lists and responsibilities, called us home. Now there's what I call trip fallout to push through~ unpacking, laundering, grocery shopping, and re-entering. 

Thank you for thumbing through our POSTCARDS this past week. It was a pleasure sharing. 



  1. So good to hear you had a good time. We have friends who live in a float home in Maple Bay, not far from Cowichan Bay - or Cow Bay as everyone here calls it.
    I do hope you feel better soon!

  2. Oh Dana. .so sorry you are ill. Love to you both..get well your trips!

  3. I hope you are feeling better now! The Canadian Gulf Islands look a lovely place and you took beautiful photos!
    The only downside of a beautiful vacation is ... that you find it difficult to go back to routine!!(it always happens to me)

  4. Dana,
    Hope you made it home before your summer cold hit... Love all your summery postcards from places that look so cool with low humidity...


  5. Your photos are stunning! You know I'm a fan and appreciate your note giving me some sources for photography classes. I'm so sorry you were ill! Hope you're both feeling much better now!