Welcome to Remnant~ a creatively constructed
blog space.

This is really a stick your toe in the water experience for me! Our blog is new in every aspect. I changed our name, our template, and most importantly our focus. And this is my inaugural post. 

I want to emphasize that I am by no means a decor blogger, yet all of my prior attempts at meaningful blogging have been very interior design oriented. So what am I really? I am simply a woman passionate about creating. As the celebrated artist, Mary Engelbreit proclaims, "arts and crafts keep me sane". This is so very true in my life.

So think of Remnant as a lifestyle blog with an emphasis on handmade; but not just handmade by me. Larry and I have a great time bringing ideas to life in his workshop.

For me, fluid creativity only happens when I'm surrounded by things that I love; made by us things, thrifted things, family things, and such. 

There is no emphasis on matchy-matchy and no style consistency in my crafts room. The only common style element to be found here is the eclectic(ness) of it all.

So I'm giving you a few snapshots of my creative space. You'd probably like to see the whole room, but that's for another time. Every blogger tries to fool readers with carefully engineered vignettes, because no creative person can be tidy all the time. I am no exception.

As I've readily expressed in the past, I not a woman who travels in a straight line; not ever. Despite my best efforts to constrain crafting clutter, at any given time one might find evidence of it in any or every room in the house. And that's just the way it's always been. But the idea is, it all starts here.

So I leave you with a thought. Don't surround yourself with perfect. Surround yourself with delight.

Everything we love deeply becomes a part of us. 

~Helen Keller

Thank you for taking a moment to see what we're about.



  1. WOW, Dana. Your new blog design and concept is fantastic! I am looking forward to your future posts.


    1. Thank you Judith. Your comments make me happy and I value them!

  2. I'm glad to see you again and have subscribed to your new effort!

  3. The new blog is beautiful and the photos are perfect! You did a good job, Dana :-)

    1. Hello dan! I'm so very happy to hear from you. I am so, so out of touch. Thank you, as always, for your sweet comment.

  4. Dana, it's great to see you again! You know I adore your photography! I think you have the most creative mind and talent galore! I love the format of your blog. I subscribed to your feed and will anxiously await your posts in my inbox. Good luck, sweet friend!