A wool blanket in August?

Hello and happy Monday! I know summer is still engulfing many of you; uncomfortably high temperatures, humidity, frayed nerves. But we can all tell by the angle of the sun and our fading landscape that fall is approaching. Labor Day week signals a transition, right? Day length shrinks and shadows lengthen. Suddenly summery decor seems out of place.

Last week I returned to Port Gamble, the little town I shared with you in my last post. If you missed it, you may want to follow the link and check it out. I have a friend who has recently moved to Anacortes from the Northeast, and it's fun to show her places she hasn't yet been. So we made a day of wandering; stopping wherever and whenever we saw something of interest.

Although I didn't buy anything in PG, she and I stopped at a few interesting stores on the way back, and I came home with a couple of treasures. I couldn't pass on this wool blanket ($4). The colors are perfect really, and despite its age, the blanket is in what I would call an ideal and gently seasoned condition; no rips or discernible holes. It has a simple classic charm.

This tray too was a must-have and tagged 50% off.

Sometimes I bring home thrifted treasures and am disappointed. I was really confident however that I could set an attractive and transitional table with the blanket and tray as the foundational elements. I washed and dried the blanket straight-away, gave the tray a thorough cleaning. I think the look I was hoping to achieve came together nicely. I hope you agree~

I think the blanket is perfect used as a table square. The blue window pane pattern against a beige ground suggest the beach in fall. The size is really rather picnic hamper appropriate and not quite large enough to wrap up in. That's why I was pretty sure it would work on our table.

My dishes are from a thrift store too. You've seen them many times in past tablescape posts. They are Spode stoneware, and I was fortunate to find 4 place settings still in the box.

I can't believe it has been two years since our trip to Ireland. I brought home these linen napkins and each time I get them out I am filled with a warming feeling of fondness for that wonderful country. 

I am so attracted to brown and white dishes, I think because of my redefined personal style, and I especially enjoy pairing blue and brown. Because Larry prefers wood furniture to painted pieces, he really likes the tray. Although I still retain full decor autonomy, I am the most happy when he feels at home in our home. 

OK, so I'm not ready for pumpkins, hay bales, corn stalks, and such. But with our cooler days and longer nights, I welcome a more muted color palette. 

The squirrels are busy burying nuts from our trees and the dried leaves are already dropping. We've had an inordinately hot, dry couple of months and will certainly welcome fall rain. The only thing I dread about autumn is raking oak leaves. I recently read that a mature tree drops 30,00 leaves each year. That's a lot of leaves! There is not a crack, crevice, nor clay pot that doesn't end up with oak leaves; not to mention the lawn and the decks. It honestly takes the entire fall and winter to collect them all because they don't drop all at once. Yes, the tree is lovely and provides dappled shade. But if I ever move again, which I probably won't, there is no way I'll even consider a property with an oak tree!

Have a blessed Labor Day weekend~



  1. I love you wonderful finds, especially the Spode dinner plates! You live in a very beautiful area. We've never been to Washington, but have been to Vancouver, which we loved. I've enjoyed your photos on your blog.

    1. Hi Carol. I am honored that you stopped by and left a comment. I too love the Spode. I wish I could afford to buy more, but the plates alone are the price I paid for the entire set! One of these times when major projects are behind me, I'll invest in more. I should part with some other sets, right? Dishes are a weakness. Blessings on your week!

  2. Oh Dana, I love them both! I bought a wool blanket at the Pendleton store while vacationing last Fall. Certainly didn't get a $4 bargain. :) But I did find a cute black and cream throw at a thrift lately that is going to be a fun fall/Halloween accent in my home. Can't wait to start fallifying my home. Think I might start a little tomorrow. I love the blanket as a tablecloth. May have to copy your cute idea. The dishes are gorgeous as well. So glad that you will be sharing with SYC.

    1. Hi Jann! Thank you very much. I think a black and cream throw sounds amazing. I can't wait to see it! Hugs, Dana

  3. Hi, Dana
    You have such beautiful dishes, I love how lovely they look on your table. The best buy was that gorgeous wool blanket. Wow, it's beautiful. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. We love having you.

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment Vanessa. I love your blog party and I appreciate being a part of it!

  4. Dana,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your post, dear one!
    I, too, am beginning to add a touch of blue more within my home decor.
    The subtle hues within your plaid throw are tranquil, soothing.
    Love the wood tray and the silver candlesticks in your transitional tablescape!

    1. Hi Pat! Thank you for leaving such a sweet comment. It is always so gratifying when a reader takes time to really notice detail and leave a few remarks. I appreciate that! Your latest blog post, featuring your entertainment center, is lovely! Blessings~ Dana

  5. Gorgeous! Great post. Love it. Come over and link this and all your Fall Themed posts at The Fabulous Fall Party. It's over here:
    Let's party!

  6. What a lovely table! You really found a jewel in a $4 wool blanket! I love your Spode china and the tray is perfect to hold your pitcher of Hydrangeas and candlesticks! You have certainly created a warm and inviting Fall table!

  7. Dana,
    Perfect table setting for your new finds that transition from summer to fall.... I'm just home from Paris where my sister and I had a wonderful time. The temperatures there were still quite warm except for the day we had tickets to the Eiffel Tower.

    Now I'm catching up on reading my favorite blogger posts and co-launching a new linky party called Monday Social. We would love for you to link this post to Monday Social going on live now on my blog.