A Little Craft Babble~

I haven't been posting my more artsy-craftsy pursuits of late, but have been sharing the bigger, more interesting things that Larry and I create together. But Larry has been either working away from home or at home consumed by an exterior unraveling caused by undiscovered, long term water damage. This disaster has been a real source of stress for us.

This picture is actually a glimpse of progress. The scope of the damage was so large that until now I haven't been up to sharing it with you. But Larry is now in the process of putting things back together. He has had to remove and reinstall the windows, replace the siding, the plywood sheathing, and portions of the joists. But because of Larry's hard work, we are beginning to feel hopeful finally.

The deck above also underwent extensive repair.

So I've been busy in my studio with less significant projects. 

I was asked to provide table decor for a church baby shower this past Saturday. It was a fun project for me because I was granted full autonomy.

Sedums and succulents in general are really hot right now. After pondering craft ideas and perusing Pinterest, I decided sedums would bring a touch of unpredictability to our baby boy shower decorations. Have you seen the sedum tiles at Home Depot? There is also something similar, Smart Mats, and you can check out a photo here. I had a group of seven cylinder vases from Dollar Tree and I purchased a 12x12 sedum tile at HD for about $10. I divided the tile into seven clumps and planted each vase with a clump. Then I wrapped the vases in burlap ribbon 'shawls'.

To make the vases baby-themed, I asked my friend to print these "yeah baby" cards in brown, and I added cute buttons that I threaded with hemp. I then attached the cards to ordinary wooden skewers. I can't stress too strongly the need to have skewers in your craft arsenal.

The seven vases were lined up down the center of the dining room table at our shower hostess' house. They were very cool as a centerpiece. The trays of food were set around the vases.

Cute, right?

The beverages were on the kitchen island. To dress it up, I designed an arrangement of Mason jars with dried hydrangeas.

It's also great to keep a Scrabble game in your craft inventory.

The decor was well received, which of course made me happy. I gave away three of the vases of sedum; one to the (obligatory) game winner, and one each to the other gals on the planning committee.

I came home with four vases for the mantle. Of course I didn't need any baby embellishments in the living room so I decided to craft a bit of fall.

To make the leaves, I used my die cut machine on thin chipboard. I then sprayed the leaves with adhesive and covered them with authentic German glass glitter. Glass glitter is amazing and far surpasses the cheap stuff available in big box craft stores. It is available from Meyer Imports, and I highly endorse keeping it on hand. The array of available colors is amazing! Don't waste your money on the inferior glitter. The die cut letters are from Target's bargain aisle; the $1-3 section just inside the store.

Just so you know, I have in no way monetized my blog, that is to say, I am not receiving any compensation from sponsors or ads. I just like to make my material sources available to you. 

And as a final touch I added this. I never go overboard with fall decor, but the mantle was fun. 

OK, to sum things up, I would like to remind any of you who are serious crafters of the three must-haves I suggested in this post. 1. Wooden skewers. 2. An old Scrabble set. 3. German glass glitter
(the real deal). And if you're a Target shopper, never neglect the dollar stuff. Some of it is seasonal and kind of junky, but some of the craft items are a serious score!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week.



  1. Great ideas, Dana. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Dana,
    Scrabble letters/sets at the craft malls nearby cost almost as much as a brand new Scrabble game. The letters in their trays are perfect for messages at parties and around the house. I haven't tried real German glitter yet, but it looks amazing when I see it on blogs like yours and Miss Mustard Seed's.

    Thank you for sharing at Monday Social.


    1. Thank you Judith. It's always so great to awaken to a comment from Botanic Bleu in my inbox. I think your link party is lovely and I enjoy participating!

  3. So sorry to read that your home has suffered water damage. It sounds as though hubs as been working really hard to get your home healthy again!

    As always, I love your posts! Your vignettes and diy projects always brighten my day!

    1. Hi Sue! Thank you for such a positive comment. It always makes me feel so good to know you're reading. Hugs, Dana

  4. I am sorry your home had water damage but happy your husband is doing a great job. I love seeing your fall decor and planters are gorgeous. Thank you for sharing at Dishing it and Digging it link party. Your rock and we love having you.

  5. Water is the biggest enemy of structures out here in the Pacific Northwest. I'm glad to read that your husband has things under control and that your worries will soon be gone.
    I appreciate that your blog is not monetised. It is a pleasure to read - and unlike those with a number of loads quickly! You have never steered your readers wrong with regard to projects and craft ideas, and I think of you each time I use my Cricut!

  6. Dana, easy to see why they loved the decorations. You did an amazing job! Love the fall mantle you created too. I am so sorry about your water damage. Hope it all gets fixed soon! Thanks for sharing with SYC.