An Unpredictable Mix Of Photos And Chat

Stuff and Things.

Yes. That's what my Gramma used to say. "Stuff and things". I more often say, this and that; or if I'm in British mode, bits and bobs. It all means the same, yeah? I have a somewhat random assortment of line items from life's agenda to share today. Just some stuff and things.

First up is this big-deal piece of news that my photography is to be on display during the December Anacortes Art Walk in old town. Here's a picture of the poster I've been distributing to business in Anacortes. I am a terrible self-promoter and so strolling Commercial Avenue and soliciting window space has not been easy. But because I couldn't talk anyone else into doing it for me, I've had to man- up.

I am both honored to have been asked to participate and filled with trepidation. It's one thing to hang my own enlargements in our home or boldly post to social media. But to stand at a reception for two hours while strangers sip sparkling beverages and peruse my work represents a giant step outside my comfort zone. Way too up close and personal. Anyway, ten day countdown; we are very busy.

You all know my style by now~ big, in-your-face photos I refer to as art in the ordinary. I take pictures whenever, wherever. Unless I'm creating vignettes for a blog post, I rarely stage still life photos. As my poster proclaims, I'm free-spirited.

A random sampling of my work to refresh your collective memory~

Larry has labored for weeks crafting frames from reclaimed wood~ frames ranging in size from 11x17 to 20x30! He's amazing. I have been sanding and finishing the frames and working on decor to stage the lovely salon in which my dear friend Shawn, owner at Ryan Chanel, is hostessing this event. She has invited my mom, Jolene, to hostess with her; two of the prettiest and most gracious women in Anacortes at one soiree. I'm hoping I can just be the proverbial wall flower alongside one of my pictures; or even become a mannequin for the evening.

True to Remnant style, the frames are simple and natural. I've stained a few and dry-brush painted a few, but most are just cleaned and well sanded.

Just look at my house! Art Walk stuff everywhere~

And as an aside, Larry has been working with me on these new designs for smaller frames that showcase my work. After all, not everyone or maybe not anyone is in the market for a 20x30.

I hope you understand why I've been blog AWOL.

I have managed to pull together some Thanksgiving decor for our tiny celebration, and I wanted to share some photos with you.

Our table, decorated with mostly natural elements gathered around our property or from our favorite farm store~

The tags are hanging on the stems of fresh Bosc pears.

I have so many dried hydrangeas. After the Art Walk I'm planning to thin my inventory.

I splurged on some new napkins.

The centerpiece may very well be larger than the meal.

Rustic fall accents in the living room and kitchen~

I also want to share with you a piece of furniture we recently moved into the living room. We have owned this spool cabinet for decades actually, but only since my style reset has it felt right in the house.

This is a very early spool cabinet~a gift from Larry. It's in amazing condition, despite having spent the last 15 years in Larry's barn. 

Atop the cabinet is a tray Larry crafted for me in his spare time. It is also made from reclaimed lumber which is loaded with character. You can spot the unusual blonde veining in some of the wood.

The drawer pulls which I chose for the handles are not vintage, but they are a very cool thrift store find.

I feel more in the Christmas spirit than I have in a long time, and I think that's due in part to the fact that Thanksgiving is a bit earlier than some years. I'm ready for fall to give way to Christmas decor. In that spirit, I have been playing the Holiday channel on Pandora nightly. Christmas songs are a good antidote for stress.

These little wooden trees from Target also make me happy.

I'm so thankful for each of you that takes the time to look in over here at Remnant. Occasional bloggers such as I are not even a blip on the blog radar. For that reason, every visit from you is so special. Wishing you a very blessed Thanksgiving!


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  1. Beautiful blog entry, Dana! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see photos of your work (and Larry's) at the Art Walk. Enjoy every minute! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Best, Linda

  2. I am so proud and excited for you. I love the frame style, who can resist those for Christmas gifts?

    1. Kelly, it was so kind of you to leave such an awesome comment. Thank you for your huge vote of confidence. ~Dana

  3. I am new to your beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing at Monday Social! I will be featuring your post this week.

    1. Eilis, I am so happy you liked my blog post and featured it at your link party this week! The three of you are very gracious hostesses and as you know, I enjoy linking and reading the great posts found there. I hope your Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful; your decor certainly was.

      Fondly~ Dana

  4. Dana, I am so excited for you. Your photography is truly amazing, and I love the frames! Wishing you the best at the show. Also, your Thanksgiving décor is gorgeous as always. And that spool cabinet has me swooning! Thanks for sharing at SYC.