WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels


London Icons. 

Hello my friends. I'm back with a new post; short on text but with a reasonable inventory of photos from today's stroll-about. We are staying at a hotel that is only a short distance from Victoria Station. However, I was in strong need of exercise so we decided to walk rather than ride. Clearly I chose the wrong coat upon setting out, and I paid dearly for that mistake. Tomorrow I will overcompensate even if I appear foolish. I tolerate poorly outdoor activity in temperatures below 55 degrees F. And despite the welcomed sunshine, the air grew steadily colder. By the time we returned to our room at 4:30 it was only 45ish and windy. 

This is Boxing Day, which has been likened to our Black Friday. But based on personal observation, I would suggest that it was a bigger day for the tourism industry than for retail. Many shops and restaurants were closed, along with government buildings and banks. Even the dinner menu at the local pub was limited and entitled Bank Holiday. 

The streets were teeming with international visitors and so were all notable landmarks. The paths through St. James Park were congested and picture taking was awkward. 


Conditions were however favorable for the local bird and waterfowl population. Visitors to the park were eager to share bits of bread and such with birds of a feather. 




Wow! One serious gull!

Photo credit: John Bishop
Here are a few of the sights that captured my focus today. I hope you enjoy strolling them with me~


Buckingham Palace. There were only three sentries in front which indicates that the Queen was not in residence. 


I wonder what the application process is for this job. I also wonder if this is a lifelong aspiration. 


Queen Victoria Memorial


A moody photo of Big Ben. 


The updated, aerodynamic version of a timeless British treasure. 


The classic phone booth against a modern backdrop. London sports an eclectic cityscape. 


Jet lag update... some days are better than others. The good news~ I think by the time we need to return home I will have adjusted. 

Thanks for allowing me to share~


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