A Photologue Of Our Travels. 

The Isle Of Wight. 

In an effort to get my photojournal up to date, I have lots of pictures to share today that hopefully present an interesting view of the Isle of Wight. 

One of the many marinas on the island. Of course the towns are much, much older, but in a general sense there is a similarity between the Isle of Wight and the San Juan Islands in Washington. We felt very at home with the climate as well. 

On New Years Day we deposited John at London's Heathrow Airport. I hate goodbyes and I always have to have a plan in place to ward off the blues. I had booked three nights at a holiday chalet on the Isle of Wight because I have been dreaming of a visit there since Larry and I got married. From Heathrow we drove to Southampton and boarded a ferry for the island. We didn't take time to explore anything along the route because we were on a mission to get to our lodging before dark. 

Cars on our ferry, just like at home!

The interiors are lovely and the catering is first rate.

Scarf in progress. I knit to forget my sadness. 


Here is our tiny little holiday chalet I booked on Airbnb. It is a beach-themed cottage that was well outfitted and cozy as can be. We eat most of our meals in, and the kitchen was amply supplied with pots, pans, and dishes. The neighborhood was by no means a draw, but the chalet was perfect and very economical. 

I really had fun playing house. 

We drove around the island over the two full days we were there. Let me just share my gallery~


We were staying in the tiny municipality called. Gurnard. This is the entrance to what I assume is the original farm. I can only show you some interesting architectural details because the driveway in front of the house was filled with cars, which compromised the loveliness. 

Here's a veiled view~



The old stone barn.


Love this finial!

Other views of the island, beginning with the shore~

Classic beach huts. 


Summer gone by. 

Countryside drive~



Quintessential English countryside. It reminds me of the series, Midsomer Murders. 

The town closest to Gurnard is Cowes~





So let me explain a downside to not just this Island excursion, but to the way we have done the entire journey. The driving is treacherous, even if the driver is accustomed to the left side of the road. The streets are narrow and winding. Everyone drives fast. There is very little parking and most of it costs... a lot.  So traveling by car was extremely stressful. But without it we could not have fully immersed ourselves in England's profound wonder. We could not have traversed the countryside, nor enjoyed the freedom to go wherever, whenever. But now that our wanderings are nearing an end, I have concluded that next trip will be something different. Maybe a narrow boat canal cruise in Oxford because that sounds amazing. Or perhaps a one or two week stay in a small village with the opportunity to unpack and experience life as a local. I'm not sure what we'll ultimately decide but it won't involve a car rental. Larry was a fantastic driver but I'm a terrible navigator and the driving wore us out. And one last negative comment, we were never at liberty to just stop and snap photos. I feel like there are so many pictures in my mind that are not in my camera. 

We are now in Cambridge. Today we visited the University area and tomorrow we are going traveling a short distance to Grantchester for cream tea. We returned the car a day early and rode a bus to Cambridge. Finally a chance to exhale. More pictures soon. 

Thanks for traveling with me!


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  1. Grantchester, home to a favorite PBS series about the young minister. sigh... keep a watch out for him... :)