WISH YOU WERE HERE~ A Photologue Of Our Travels.

Enchanted Cambridge.

Christ's College, University of Cambridge 

Our trip is coming to a rapid halt, so this is my final U.K. post. We attempt to fly home tomorrow. I use the word  attempt because we fly standby. If it weren't for the blessing of lifelong flight benefits we would not have had the many incredible journeys we've enjoyed together. The price we pay is the non-confirmed flight status and the attendant uncertainty; so well worth it. 

Cambridge was quite a lovely surprise and a perfect place for an English travel finale. For some reason I was expecting to fall in love with Oxford but not Cambridge. I think that is in part the result of watching so much British drama set in and about Oxfordshire. However, I'm quite smitten with Cambridge and this strong affinity caught me off guard. 




As in any very old city center, Cambridge street scenes are deeply emphatic. Simple structural elements such as doors and windows exude character and beckon newcomers to stop and take notice. 




Bicycles and bridges abound in Cambridge. I have never, ever seen such a population of bikes. Bicycles here were for me the same as telephone booths in London~ I couldn't stop photographing them. 




The River Carn runs along Jesus Green, and we were staying just a few short blocks away. So both mornings we walked a paved path which is laid out between the green and the riverbank, to a delightful little cafe for coffee and a scone. 


These colorful boats are called punts. Young men work aggressively at marketing the Cambridge punt experience. It was much too cold for us, but many visitors took advantage of the opportunity. 

There are also many narrow-boats on the river. Some are full time live-aboard and some are for charter. 

Best scone in England. 



Amazing coffee here at Bould Borthers. These two young men opened just six days ago. It was such a wonderful place to spend some time. 
A few more Cambridge images~




I need to pack now and I really dislike packing to go home. It unnerves me more than flying standby. I always say I won't buy anything that takes up space, but obviously I lie. My bags are about to burst. 

When I get home I hope to write some thoughts about all things right about this trip and all of my mistakes. And I am going to post my "best of" photos as a recap. Thank you again for being interested enough to follow our journey!



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  1. Dana,
    All the details in the architecture are beautiful. Seeing the photos is inspiring ideas about improvements around my house. I can relate to dreading packing for going home. Will everything fit? Will it be within the weight limits? Will it arrive intact? How much and what should I pack in carry-on? What CAN I pack in carry-on considering restrictions? One year I had to mail home forks from the Paris flea market. Seems forks are on the not-allowed list for carry on. It was a quick dash to the post office within the Paris airport.

    Best wishes for your safe trip home... with your new-found treasures and memories.