Autumn Musings.

Have you ever experienced a season of life in which you can no longer define normal? I feel as if I will have lived through five seasons by year's end, or at least an additional sub-season that eclipsed late-summer early fall. Every week seemed scripted for me by the force of outside circumstances. My mom was plagued by a variety of health-related issues that required my attention and energy. Larry was unexpectedly derailed by a condition known as sudden sensorial hearing loss, a condition that without warning robbed him of all auditory function in his right ear. Sensorial compromises are especially profound for those who have spent their lives in military service or careers such as commercial travel. And honestly, it was just plainly sad. Its onset was a tangible reminder that Larry is a few steps further into the autumn of his years than I, and I had an intense emotional reaction.

I've accompanied Larry to doctor visits for exams, injections and hearing tests, but there has been little significant improvement.

Here's an artsy interpretation of my beloved Scion

In my recent posts I didn't tell you that just before Labor Day I bundled my mom and our stuff into my car (affectionately referred to by Larry as, Red Happiness), and drove her 2,000 miles to Minneapolis. Although we had a lovely trek, the purpose of the trip was not pleasure-based. My brother wanted Mom under the care of his cardiologist and we had misgivings about allowing her to fly.

Generally, it was a happy excursion. I detoured from our Interstate 90 route so that Mom could experience Mt. Rushmore for the first time.

Visiting Mt. Rushmore together was intensely moving me, and I will be forever grateful that I was able to provide her this once in a lifetime opportunity.

And because we happened to be in the neighborhood, we also drove through Badlands National Park.

Anyway, an encapsulated rest of the story is that unbeknownst, Jolene had other potentially serious health issues brewing and the cardiologist strongly urged us to return home and seek medical care here. And so after only five days at my brother's, I drove the 2,000 miles home. Upon our return, tests and a major surgery ensued, along with the first-ever visit from my brother and sister in law. We all know the stress of house-perfect, right? There is no greater project impetus than visitors.

A few lovely moments shared with my brother.

Fast forward. Mom is home and mostly fine, I'm exhausted.

In the interest of returning to real life, my life, and inspired by the colors of fall, I have undertaken a few crafty endeavors. So, in addition to my verbal ramblings, I am actually sharing a project today.

I created a Mason jar canister set; an easy autumn project that is both decorative and useful. There are 5 jars of varying sizes in the set, though in this photo the most diminutive jar has taken a backseat. You can see just a narrow sliver on the right side.

I chose two different spray paints. A chocolate brown for the jars and a hammered gold for the lids. Alternately, chalk paint is a good choice for glass jars and can be brushed on. I am conceding defeat where it concerns spray paint. I am really, really not good at spraying and in the future will leave that task for Larry.

I think the most fun part of this project was choosing the door pulls for the tops. and all of these came from Hobby Lobby. I love the little globe especially. The pulls are the most defining element of the project and I chose a mix rather than a matched set. This, of course, is just a matter of personal style.

Larry drilled an appropriately sized hole in the lid and we just attached the knobs with the screws provided.

It was difficult to get a group photo because we have one tall guy in the mix.

I have the jars nestled together on this cute little tray I picked up at an estate sale for $2. The colors are just right for this time of year. I set the tray on the kitchen island.

A friend suggested I give a set as a Christmas gift. I am not sure I would make another set, but the thought did occur to me that perhaps one jar filled with something fun such as a hot chocolate mix would be a nice gift. A pretty jar, probably in a lighter color, with a cute knob would be a sweet accent even after the chocolate mix or (cookie mix maybe?) is gone. I just now had the notion that I could tie on a cute cookie cutter or a wooden spoon, a wire whisk, or something. Any clever ideas? Whatever, you can bet I won't be spray painting!

If you decide to undertake this project and would like any additional tips or information, please let me know. You all know I don't do well attempting to compose tutorials.

I wish for you a beautiful November day! Thanks as always for reading.



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