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The Oregon Coast {Tip To Toe}

Dear Readers~

It seems like it has been weeks since I've had WIFI and even now I'm sitting once again in a Starbucks, this time in Oceanside, California.

We have been traveling in our beloved motorhome, also known as Cozy Lodge, since February 7th. We started from our home which only about 65 miles from the Canadian Border to San Diego County in California. In case you don't know, San Diego is the last large city before our border with Mexico!

I have really wanted to share snapshots of the Oregon Coast and hopefully entice you to visit this beautiful state. But it's really hard to create a quality blog post on a cell phone with spotty internet. 

Most of what you'll find here today is a melange of seascapes. But I do want to give a shout out to the Atomic Motel in Astoria, Oregon. The Atomic is a well-done Mid Century-themed motel on Highway 101. It is a short distance from the downtown area (which is working hard at a great comeback). The motel was very clean and quiet, and the staff was great!

Astoria is the first city south of the Washington State border. It's a really funky small city that successfully blends industry, such as timber and fishing, with tourism. Astoria has a variety of boutiques and eateries, along with great coffee, antiques, and recycle shops. I hope to return this summer when the weather is sunnier and I have time to explore in more depth.

Now for a pictorial overview of our drive~

The beaches are very pretty. Some are white and sandy and some are covered with drift. Others, like above, have native grasses dotting the shore.

Of course, Oregon is known for its sea stacks. I could devote an entire post to pictures of these monoliths, but after driving the entire coastline I began to feel that if you've seen one you've seen them all.

I am not suggesting that they are not impressive, and certainly, some are more remarkable than others.

Oregon is experiencing a warmer than normal winter and Spring has sprung very early.

To be sure, Oregon has amazing coffee. Stumptown, a nickname for Portland, is among the best and the best-known roasters. They are large enough to be well recognized but small enough to still be considered hand-crafted.

The ocean never ceases to inspire awe.

And if you love bridges, Oregon's inventory will delight you!

And I could spend a lifetime visiting and photographing lighthouses, such as Aquina.

And to be sure, you can't have the beach without beach combers, right?

Are you inspired yet? The Oregon Coastal drive is a trip of a lifetime!

Thank you for rolling along with Remnant. We're headed to Arizona in a few days, and as I understand it, we will have access to strong WIFI. You never know how much you depend on it until you don't have it. 

Please return soon for more armchair travel. Until we meet again, I wish you sunny days as you await spring.


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  1. Dana,
    I used to love road trips in the summer. As we drove along the highway I would wonder what the locals were doing as their usual routine while we were carefree and unburdened with everyday living and jobs. One summer, my sister and we traveled from Texas to New Hampshire in her large van, stopping when we spotted something that caught our attention. With no ahead reservations, we stopped each night when we became tired. Most of the time we traveled on the backroads labeled as scenic routes and along the Blue Ridge Parkway. Once when we were on a short section of freeway, there was such a traffic jam, we pulled off at the next exit which had a nice hotel set among large trees. We called it our Great American Road Trip, and we made wonderful memories.