Valentine Decor Inspiration

Rethinking The Color Palette.

From The Project File~

Hello again friends! I spoke in my last post about the decor challenges associated with traditional Valentine pink, and I explained that although I do like the color pink it is just not a good fit with my predominately neutral decor. 

Although I haven't gone overboard with decorations, I do have some fresh ideas to share, beginning with my Valentine Tree.

Along with my dear friend Laurie (bless her creative soul), I foraged for red twig dogwood a few weeks ago, on probably one of the coldest and windiest days so far this winter. However, with Starbucks all things are possible, right? Our excursion was delightful and our mission accomplished.

The twigs are set on a floral frog in a vintage pitcher from England, the one you've seen in so many of my posts because I use it for everythingThe twigs are just such a naturally rustic red, and they are arranged very artfully because Laurie did it for me. Aren't you proud of my honesty? Truly, floral arranging is just not my thing. I would like to be good at it but I don't try hard enough and I'm just not patient.

The red twigs are accented with my handmade tags. I tried to think of many familiar love phrases and song titles to accent the tags and I also asked for Larry's suggestions. We had fun reminiscing about music of yesteryear. When I finished crafting them I hung them on the tree with hemp twine. I tried several other ideas such as jute twine and various ribbons and trims, but ribbon is really too frilly. The narrow hemp was definitely the best choice.

Here are some close-ups~

The tree by no means screams pink and red, but rather is a graceful fit in our little house. What do you think? Is this something you could try? If you don't have red twigs, use whatever you can find~ willow, birch, forsythia are just a few examples.

With Larry's help I also created this little piece of artwork~

I think it is subtle enough to leave on the mantle all winter.

My dining table centerpiece is somewhat of departure from rustic, although still neutral. I thought maybe on the table I could get away with a bit of white icing so to speak. However, when I finished making all these pretty flowers, which were indeed a huge time investment, I decided although they inspire romance, the overall look is a bit too wedding-like. Really though, anything handmade is an expression of love, and I know Larry recognizes this. And after all, why not feel like a bride on Valentines Day?

And as a finishing touch I added place cards because I think place cards are a refined addition to any table setting and I fell like they are a demonstration of thoughtfulness.

Thank you for looking at all of my photos. I hope I have moved you toward creativity in your own home this month. If you would like some additional inspiration I encourage you to visit Botanic Bleu. Click on the link and avail yourself of the loveliness created by my blog friend Judith.

Remnant is once again on the road. I will be sharing our travel photos as we make our way down the coast of Oregon and California on our way to San Diego. So visit again soon!


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