Thrifting~ The Thrill Of The Hunt

I haven't always been the intrepid thrifter I am today. Until I started dating Larry in 1979, I had never been to a second-hand store of any kind. Shopping pre-owned was not part of my family's culture. 

Try to picture this~ When I met Larry I was 24 and he was 40; a handsome, longterm bachelor, flying for one of the world's premier international airlines, and living in a cool condo three blocks from the sand in Manhattan Beach, California. 

On one of our first dates Larry invited me to go shopping for some new shirts. New shirts. I immediately assumed oxford cloth, button down, monogrammed cuff. One in every color, right? Imagine my shock when Larry's haberdasher of choice was a Salvation Army thrift store. I kid you not. If I hadn't been so head-over-heels for Larry, I'm certain that would have been our last date.

Over the years we've both changed; we've met in the middle. Sometimes we buy new, but often we buy items with history and make them over.

Larry introduced me to his family and his family's trove of treasured heirlooms simultaneously, and I was smitten. He helped me see the intrinsic charm of vintage pieces, and he kindled in me the thrill of the hunt. He and his family modeled resourcefulness and self-reliance; traits that I have grown into along my life path.

When I was a thirty something, people often asked me why I loved antiques. I most often replied, "because I married one". That seemed like a fun and clever thing to say back then. Now that I'm officially Medicare age, I don't think that's so funny.

I love vintage shopping. I love to surround myself with interesting finds. That is why I have no other description for Remnant style than remnant style; leftovers, diamonds in the rusteclecticism with a live edge. In our home we constantly work toward smooth mesh of our varied tastes, and the best way I know to label our look is, "rustic coastal cottage". 

Thank you for being here today. My goal is that we would pursue pretty together; that you would find within my home, my life, my decor, (which I describe as "real life"), elements that resonate with you.

Let's create life together!

With fondness,


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