Art In The Ordinary

Larry and I have traversed the globe, both independently and as a couple. Larry, an intrepid traveler, has been taking travel pictures since he got his first Brownie Hawkeye, "Flash". He is skilled at framing interesting sights and local color, and I depend on Larry's perspective. His photo collection reflects 40 plus years of our adventurous married life. We have boxes full of negatives, 4x6 prints, a phone with countless gigs of snapshots with even more in that diffuse space referred to as, "the cloud".

Now about me. I am, therefore I travel. In college I spent a semester at sea. A few years later I married an airline pilot. I have literally circumnavigated the world. My travel photos~ nondescript.

About ten years ago, I discovered the fun of casual blogging. It was only the pursuit of quality blog posts that led me to an interest in more serious photo skills. Our only child, an amazing grown-up guy, gifted me a Canon DSLR camera, and I was hooked! I have endeavored since to learn not only the mechanics, but the art of seeing the world through the camera’s lens. After probably a year spent immersed in online photography classes and random field practice, I found my niche; a mode that is different from say, a travel writer. My photos are highly stylized. I am drawn to oft overlooked objects in unpredictable places. Rarely do my photos offer the viewer an armchair travel pictorial of an easily identifiable location.

My goal as a photographer is to creatively capture what many would consider unremarkable objects; and to elicit an emotional response. As Rod Stewart famously sang, "Every picture tells a story, don't it".

I refer to my work as, art in the ordinary. Most of my work reflects my uncluttered approach to designing a shot, and a minimal amount of post processing (commonly referred to as "photo-shopping"). I am drawn to very large format prints, such as 20x30 enlargements, and our walls are a testament to that. My delight is to provide an upclose and personal experience with my prints, and I often refer to my work humorously as, in your face photography.

You may love my style, or you may dismiss it as "an acquired taste".  Regardless, I'm glad you found your way to my website. Take a few minutes and have a look. If one of my images resonates with you, please let me know.
*You will find my photography under the categories, Travel and Shop Remnant. 


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